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ZSL London Zoo

Well, going to the London Zoo today was definitely a last minute spontaneous decision. We ended up taking the train nearly at 10 am and I thought, ‘oh God, we’re going to get there at past 11 and have to come back home before 3 pm...is it worth it? What am I doing?!’ Too late. We got to the zoo at about 11.30 am. But hello, thank you home-education, lol. The zoo was empty! Literally a few people here and there and about 3 school groups , which for a minute triggered my ‘oh should my boy be in school with some lovely friends?’ thinking. It passed.

Anyway, it was wonderful in that we saw pretty much everything in less than 3 hours and we weren’t rushing at all. Now, what are your views on zoos? Eek, we had only ever taken our boy to one other zoo in Berlin when he was one; he can’t remember a thing of course but I remember that zoo well and was so impressed by how well the animals were kept and treated. It was similar today in London; however I couldn’t but think the giraffes would be better off in the wild and the gorillas having more freedom. However, as I understand it, well maintained zoos can actually help preserve severely endangered species? Also, apparently there are zoos that actually rescue animals living in hostile or dangerous environments where hunters kill them to make money of them.

We certainly enjoyed seeing the animals live, but wonder if watching tv documentaries on the matter may actually be more educational as you can see the animals behave in their natural habitats? Hmm, food for thought.

The moment my boy went: ‘Mama gorilla is making baby strong with her milk’, is the moment I realised breastfeeding this little man for four years was worth it. Teehee.

If I’m completely honest, I’m not sure what was a bigger hit, visiting the zoo or commuting there. 🤷🏻‍♀️



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