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Why we love homemade play dough

For years I bought ready-made play dough from different brands and loved it. I was kind of intrigued by the idea of making our own play dough but I never really saw the point until one day I got the motivation and high curiosity to just do it. To my surprise it was fun, easy and super quick to make. Yes, it was messier than simply opening a play-doh tub, but for the end result, the mess (which wasn’t that bad) was worth it.

So, why?

1. Unless your child is 4ish or older, ready-made play dough tends to get totally mixed. I personally don’t have an issue with this at all, but my kid did! He’d always end up in tears because the pink play dough was now black. With homemade play dough you can choose which food colouring to use or none at all. My boy now is used to the dough being all blue, or all red or whatever. No more tears.

2. Ready-made play dough is never enough. You can buy 10 tubs and mix them all up into one dollop and you’ll still only have a mediocre ball of dough. On the other hand, when you make it yourself, you can decide how much you want to make, but even with a traditional recipe (which you can find anywhere online), the amount of dough is much bigger.

3. Home made dough lasts for a long time. If you store it in an air tight container, home made dough can last for months. We played with one batch for about 6 months. I only just threw it away because I thought maybe it was a bit gross and unhygienic but that’s just me! Ready-made play dough also lasts but you have lots of little tubs (their tops would always go missing in our house) rather than just one big play dough container.

4. Homemade play dough is environmentally friendlier (no mini plastic tubs everywhere) and cheaper. I was constantly ‘renewing’ our stash by buying more and more. With homemade play dough though all you need is flour, salt, water and food colouring (optional) which are ingredients most of us have at home anyway.

5. Finally, I have found that homemade play dough is much more malleable that the one you buy in the shops; plus, its texture and consistency looks more like the ‘real deal’. My boy knows he’s actually using real ingredients to make the dough and that sort of makes the pretend play more magical in my view.

FINAL NOTE: Another thing that has made playing with our homemade play dough even more fun is going out and about to find all sorts of treasures from nature and collect them for our future play dough creations.



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