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For the love of watercolours

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

It's only relatively recent that my boy can sit for more than three seconds to play with paint; perhaps there is an age thing going on so he can now focus for longer periods of time, but I think there is also something about watercolours that he likes. And me too! Win-win.

He likes that it's messy. I don't love that particularly, but appreciate it's part of the fun. I don't know many kids who don't love playing with water, then add a splash of colour into it and well, it couldn't get better! However, my favourite thing about the mess with watercolours is that it can be somewhat contained. I still make sure I put a mat or towel to cover the areas I rather not get wet but even if the water spills, it's not too crazy as it's normally only a small cup of water that'd spill; also, most watercolours are super easy to wipe off if they were to stain clothes or furniture.

Another thing I love about watercolours is that they don't get wasted as much as other types of paint. My kid is starting to learn how much water he needs to use to get the tone of colour he wants, and when he's done with it, he just waits till it dries a little. This makes it super easy for me to clean as well; I just wait till it dries on its own or if needs be I dry it with a cloth or paper towel, then rinse the dirty cups/ brushes and done! Rinsing watercolour paint off brushes is much easier that other types of paint as well I find.

My kid loves painting on a blank canvas but with watercolours I've noticed he equally loves to colour in prints, especially Paw Patrol prints as he loves that show. This has been an interesting discovery because we've had those prints for a super long time and they had just been sitting there but the last few times we've used watercolours he's requested painting them.

Finally, my kid loves it when I join in. To be fair, there aren't many things my boy enjoys doing completely on his own...maybe playing with Lego but other than that, he's always inviting me (demanding more like) to play with him. I've coped with this better recently. It's when I compare my kid to others on Instagram creating gorgeous things seemingly on their own that I start wondering if there's something wrong with my boy or if I'm doing something wrong. Even though I know that those photos on Insta are just photos, I wanted to share this blurry one here in case your kid, like mine, wants you to get involved.