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Exploring Vincent Van Gogh

Updated: Feb 18

Van Gogh is my favourite artist of all time so I couldn’t wait to introduce him to my boy. Last summer, after watching a 10 min video of his life on You Tube, my boy and I went to the Tate Britain in London to a Van Gogh exhibition. Although my boy did recognise ‘Sunflowers’ and was intrigued by it, he was much more interested in climbing up and down the stairs of the art gallery!

The ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience’ at South Bank in London though was just something else. It’s brought straight from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. We were invited to listen, watch, draw, step into Van Gogh’s bedroom; we were truly taken on a journey. My favourite thing was how a lot of Van Gogh’s paintings were blown up so big that it truly felt like you were immersed in his world. It was magical.

I also think our boy was totally engrossed in this exhibition because he’s been interested in drawing lately, and here there were a few opportunities here to do so. There was one station where people were invited to work on ‘perspective’, and another one where people were invited to have a go at doing their ‘self-portraits’.

On our way back home, our boy had questions about VG cutting his ear and about his illness. I loved talking about this with him. Big topics such as our mental health which I think can and should be touched on and explored from a young age.

Our boy’s favourite Van Gogh piece was Fishing Boats, so today we set up a little Van Gogh inspired art moment with paint. Interestingly, he only wanted to use pencils and a ruler. Later on, he said he really just wanted to colour in some Lego NinjaGo. Lol. To be honest, I think Van Gogh would be proud our boy followed his own spirit. Or so I’d like to think!



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