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    Be Scared And Do It Anyway

    Updated: Aug 20

    My boy and I thought it would be fun to visit our local fire station. He was sooooo excited about it. When the time came for us to actually go, he was having none of it. I wasn’t surprised by his reaction tbh, but what surprised me was how for the first time in his life he was able to communicate why he didn’t want to go: ‘new things scare me a lot, mummy’. I can’t explain what hearing those words meant to me. I had thought and assumed the same for a while but hearing it come out of his mouth was kind of a relief. I took this opportunity to be positive about being scared. I said it was a gift to be cautious and have an imagination which which we can create and invent wonderful things. But I also explained how having a big imagination can sometimes take us to imagine scary things that aren’t always true. I shared a few stories of when that’s happened to me and in the end he said: ‘let’s go!’ You can see in the photos how he’s keeping his distance (I honestly think he was expecting a fire to start any minute!) and he did not want to get anywhere near that hose so he took the photo instead. He didn’t want to wear a helmet and I could tell he was generally scared; his hands were sweaty. But he did it. He came out in one piece, smiling and wanting to do it again. I pray hard he is proud, because my pride really is irrelevant to his learning. PS. Kudos to fireman Tim who was super gentle with him!



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