Besides being a mum, I'm also an actor and prior to that I was trained in pedagogy in Mexico City (my first ever job was teaching year six in primary school). I then completed an MA in Philosophy of Education at the Institute of Education in London. Soon after graduating, I accepted the fact that storytelling is the medium through which I most enjoy expressing myself and I have focused on my acting career ever since. However, I've always been inspired by educational philosophies that center on the importance of learning through play, and since becoming a mum my passion for this has skyrocketed!


    I play characters for a living, and now I get to pretend play with my son every single day. I sometimes moan I don't get enough time to work on my craft, but children are some of the most honest and toughest audiences to please! My boy certainly keeps me creatively active and challenged. I know I may be the one who will most likely facilitate the learning experiences, but I know for a fact it'll be my boy who will teach me. I may have three university degrees but what motherhood has taught me so far, no educational institution has been able to provide.


    At our home we have this belief: we all have an innate drive to play, a curiosity to live, and a fiery desire to learn and become the people we've been created to be. Through this blog, I aim to share some of our most insightful and meaningful learning processes and adventures as a family, which will hopefully help us to hold on and never lose track of that belief.

    So, here we go!



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